The Perfect Fake Lashes For Your Wedding Day

As the warmth befalls on us after the cold winter, wedding season is just around the corner for spring and fall. And while under duress, some if not all brides-to-be are all aiming for a perfect wedding day. The venue, food, photographer, bridesmaids, and guests are all but a few of the stressors that every bride will have to tend to. But one thing is for sure, bridal makeup is entirely up to the bride and with so much overwhelming planning, the decision on how to do hair and makeup tends to come nearer the special day.
Everyone expects the bride to look perfect. For what’s to be the most photographed day of your life, let’s be honest, YOU want to look perfect. Whether you opt to go the professional makeup artist route or do DIY makeup, the most important part of the makeup on any wedding day are the lashes. False lashes are a MUST, no exceptions. Every bride looks more feminine, delicate and give the eyes a more finished look, opening them up to look extra-amazing in photos. With so many different types of lashes to fit your personality and looks, it’s an accent worth putting on.
Whether you prefer an au naturel bride, a sultry bride or any variation in between, Burberry Lashes carries the lash styles you’ll want to create and to accentuate the perfect look. Here are but a few of some looks to try and recommendations from our collection.

Soft & Neutral. For a day wedding, soak up the sun and let your natural beauty speak for itself.  Classic Burberry Lashes. This look brings polished elegance and beauty. Bring out the natural colors of your eyes with earthy tones and let them pop with natural or wispy lashes. We recommend Classic Burberry Lashes: 20mm mink eyelashes.

20mm mink eyelashes

Sparkly & Smoky. Perfect wear throughout an early evening event, this look is striking with the subtle smoky-eyed effect. Look flawless and sophisticated all day with smoky eyes and pair them with long voluminous lashes for that romantic and flirty effect.  We recommend Burberry Lashes: 25mm mink eyelashes.

25mm mink eyelashes

Subtle Smoky Outer “V”. Mix smoky and orange shades to create an outer “V” and boost your eyes by adding natural looking falsies. It’s a breathtaking change to your look, but stays classy and feminine throughout your wedding. We recommend Burberry Lashes: 28mm mink eyelashes.

28mm mink eyelashes

Your natural beauty will shine through, so think of falsies as your perfect accessory – just the Burberry Lashes on top.

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