5 Tips to Follow When Applying False Eyelashes


The world of beauty has many intimidating things. False eyelashes is certainly one of them. However, they are also geniuses at adding a layer of subtle glamour to your eyes. Although at times they are not the easiest to apply we do have a list of some mistakes you should try to avoid to make the process easier for you.

Mistake #1: Not Perusing Options

In the broadest sense, you can pick between lash strips and individual lashes. Whilst the former are easier to work with, the latter provide a more natural look. Once you’ve chosen the type you want, you have further options with regards to the length, finish and colour. Some brands even offer different lashes depending on the shape of your eyes.


Mistake #2: Doing Your Eye Makeup After

Keep in mind that false lashes are a commitment. You’re going to need some make up to go along with your lashes if you plan on showing them off. . Before you start the application, finish using your eye liner and shadow. We recommend going a little thick with the liner if you are using a lash strip, as it will be easier to mask the band with the liner. Many makeup artists would rather use mascara after applying lashes but for us we find that the lashes stick a bit better on to mascara specifically individual lashes.

Mistake #3: Skipping The Customizatio

Although you may think that you have found the perfect falsie for your eye shape and color , the truth is you will still need to customize them. To ensure that your falsies aren’t too obvious, you need to snip them to the correct size. Place them along your upper lid to see how much you need to take off. Go ahead and cut off the excess lash from the inner corner. Try and leave the outer edge alone since those are usually flared a bit.

We usually recommend choosing a variety of lengths when it comes to individual lashes so that you can find the right one for you with the most natural look. you can use the long and medium ones for the outer corners and use the short ones for the middle and inner edges.


Mistake #4: Using Too Much Glue

You don’t need a lot of adhesive, actually the less you use the better! If you use too much, you will be left with a thick, visible mess that will be hard to hide. For best results, use a brush to stroke the glue on the band. If you have opted for individual lashes, dip each one into the tiniest amount of glue before putting it on. Make sure you give the adhesive a few seconds for it to become tacky and make adhesion better.

Mistake #5: Sticking All At Once

Next is the actual application! In the case of lash strips, do not set out to stick the entire band at once. First, tilt your head back so that you can see your upper lash line. Then, press the band along the centre part of your lid first. Once it’s in position, you can adjust the rest of the strip into place. If you don’t want  your lashes to annoy you every time you blink, make sure not to put them too close to your inner corners. At this point if your lashes don’t look like they are on right you still have time to fix them. Be care full and pull on the lash but don’t pull them off completely. then don’t touch them until the adhesive dries.

You will need to be more careful when it comes to individual lashes. To place them, you can either use your fingers or a tweezer. Stabilize your arm on a desk and then add each lash to the gaps between your natural lashes.  start by placing the individual lashes from the outer edge and continue adding lashes along the lash line until you are completely satisfied with your look. Make sure to hold each lash in position for a few seconds before moving on to the next one. Straiten them in to place before the glue dries as needed.

Brush your lashes to blend them in with your natural lashes.
Coat them with a bit of mascara to get a seamless natural look.
We’d love to see your rocking false lashes!

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