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We all know when it comes to lashes, the bigger the better. In the quest for thick, dark and long lashes women have been opting for a number of treatments. Some women prefer going for eyelash tinting and curling, and others opt for applying false lashes daily. Lashes can easily alter your look and make  your eyes appear bigger.

Temporary options

Lash lift, eyelash extensions, and eyelash enhancing serums are some of the treatments that are available now.
It provides perming and curling of eyelashes by the application of specific products on lashes. The effect lasts for around a month. A traditional perm simply curves the lashes versus a lash lift which turns the eyelashes upwards and adds a tint to give them length, height and volume. This is low on maintenance and post care as they are your own natural eyelashes but they may not be the right choice for individuals having short and sparse eyelashes, It is very important to keep up with post care for eyelashes as the longevity of lashes will depend on the care taken post treatment.

Try a growth serum

Be aware that you can get an infection on your eyes such a Conjunctivitis, dry eyes and or even allergies Dr Vandana Punjabi, dermatologist consultant at Nanavati super speciality hospital. “These should be carried out with extreme care and hygienic measures should be followed. Also, a test dose of the chemicals should be applied and skin should be observed 24 hours later for any allergy. There are certain prescriptive growth serums containing bimatoprost solution (0.03 per cent), which are known to help the eyelashes grow longer and thicker as they increase the anagen (growth) phase of the eyelashes hair cycle. One drop of bimatoprost solution is placed on a single-use applicator and applied to the upper eyelid margin along the roots of the eyelashes once nightly. However, results are seen only after six to eight weeks and side effects such as darkening of the skin have been seen. Other non-prescriptive otc option that contains natural growth enhancers raved by drugstore beauties are Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator.  This growth accelerator contains added multi-proteins conditioners to soften dry, brittle lashes enabling them to grow longer, thicker and fuller.

Enhance with make-up

One can use tiny fibres to extend the eyelash and add some thickness. Dip your wand into the tiny fibres then place it back in the mascara tube, swirl around and then use. This can clump so use carefully, are very helpful. I personally like to bend the wand a little bit before using. Start with the lower lashes first and work from the waterline to the ends. For the upper lid, use a mascara from the inside of the lash in an upward direction. If required you can use an eyelash curler too and then immediately follow up with mascara to help it set.

Magnetic fake eyelashes?! Try these ‘fake it’ beauty products to up your look

Magnetic fake eyelashes and eyeliner

Magnetic fake eyelashes and eyeliner

Burberry Magnetic Lashes

• The first mass brand to bring a magnetic full lash strip to market
• Burberry® Magnetic Collection lashes feature a top and bottom lash strip that
• Virtually invisible magnets strategically embedded end to end for complete magnetic contact so lashes lay down seamlessly along the natural lash line and don’t flare out.
• Pre-curved band makes application of lashes easier due to the natural lid contour shape of the lash.
• Budge-proof: no glue needed. Lashes stay put until you’re ready to remove them.
• $6.6, Available at> Use code disount15 to save 15% Off these magnetic beauties.

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