Best MINK EYELashes of 2019

It really is pretty simple! Sort of! After you curl your natural lashes and you apply a layer of mascara, draw a thin line of adhesive across the lash band from tip to tip, preferable use a black adhesive if you are going to wear eyeliner/eyeshadow. Clear if your lids will be bare. Wait until the glue feels a little tacky and not wet. Then , using tweezers or you can use your fingers as well, press the lashes into your natural lash line, squeezing together the middle first, then the ends, until secure.

And all done. With a bit of practice it can be that simple!

So we’re not really referring to those days when you have to run the post office to return a package or just a run to Target, but hey if you have to then go for it. We’re talking about those days when you want to add a little oomph to your look like say a scheduled date with your crush from the office or say some drinks after work. That’s when the false lashes come in to play.

Lashes with ultra-skinny bands and fluttery lashes are pretty ideal  , or if that doesn’t sound like something for you then you can give individual lashes a try. You can place them spaced  across your lid to give your natural lashes some volume or you can just apply them to the outer corners of your eyes to create a cat eye effect.

Many false lashes come with a tad bit of adhesive that sticks them to the packaging. That adhesive though is not good for sticking them to your eyes. “Before you start,gently remove the residue from the base of the lashes to get the strip as smooth as possible before you apply your glue,” says Moises Ramirez, makeup artist and lash wizard behind these gorgeous looks. “Otherwise, they won’t adhere to your lid as well and can end up looking bumpy.”

The Best Fake Eyelashes for Everyday

We all know that brunch just isn’t food only.  Many times it includes food and taking selfies of your self and the food.  Since you’ll already be your most extra self while posing 16 ways with your mimosa, give your lashes an amped-up edge with falsies that say, “I actually washed my hair for this outing.” To keep the look cute, not club, opt for fake eyelashes that are long, wispy, and slightly winged (i.e., thicker and fuller on the outer corners).

15mm mink eyelashes

If you for any reason think that your strip falsies look fake, you can try the spoolie trick. This can be done by taking a clean spoolie ( you know that wand you brush your brows with) and carefully rub it back and forth like a windshield wiper over your lashes. That will give them some more fluff to make them look a a  bit more natural before you apply them.

20mm mink eyelashes

Are you the kind of person to wear false eyelashes  when you’re an hour into pre-gaming and getting ready to call an Lyft ride. You are not alone! At the moment we all know it’s really not the best time to give individual lash application a try, stick with using more of a classic lash strip that fans out and is extra full. Sure, they’re going to look like lashes (how else are you going to see them in a dark bar?), but pairing them with bold eyeshadow or thick eyeliner will help balance them out.

22mm mink eyelashes

The bigger the lash is, the thicker the band will be and also thicker as well. That will make it more likely for the lash band to become unglued later at night. . “Before doing your makeup, take the lash strips out of the package and wrap them around the base of your fattest makeup brush,” says Ramirez. “By the time you’re ready to apply them, they’ll be shaped like a dome, making it easier to glue the inner and outer corners down without them popping up later.”

25mm mink eyelashes

If you plan to go out and physically leave your house and look cute and not just Netflix and chill (nothing wrong with that) give a more fluttery come hither lashes a try. Since you will be making some intense eye contact hopefully while conversating about your dreams and hopes and other topics, really play up your mascara game with decked out and thicker lashes.

If you are looking for a more realistic lash look, go for falsies that are individually long, fine, and varied in length. Or if you don’t want to use a full strip , give cluster lashes a try. Clusters are short strips of lashes (as if you cut a strip into quarters)that can be applied to just the outer corners of your eyes for a wide-eyed, romantic look.


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