Best Way To Clean Your Used False Lashes At Home

If you are one to wear false eyelashes then I’m sure you are used to how frustrating it is when it packs on the lash glue right?

It’s common for false eyelashes to start falling apart after a few uses to the point where they just don’t look good anymore. But did you know you can revamp them yourself? Yup it all starts by actually cleaning your falsies and if you have not done that then we suggest you start doing that asap. Not only do they start to fall apart if you don’t clean them but they also harvest bacteri.

Melody Chen gives you some pointers which are easy to follow steps.  So you will get your falsies lashes back to hygienic and also life.

What you need:
  • The pair of lashes
  • Tweezers
  • Hot water
  • A glass bowl
  • Spoolie brush
How to:
  • Start by removing residue, glue, dirts etc from the lashes, but make sure to handle band gently
  • Pour hot water in a bowl and leave the lashes in for a few minutes. The dirt should lift off the lashes after a few minutes
  • Gently remove the lashes from the bowl and brush them out with a spoolie so they don’t go out of shape
  • Leave them to air dry on napkin
  • Your lashes should be good to be reused afterwards!

Would you be trying out this trick, don’t forget to share results. Looking to add more to your falsies stash? 

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