Give These BURBERRY Magnetic Lashes a Try

Magnetic Lashes

Sick of Lash Glue? Try One of These Magnetic Lashes Instead

If you love false lashes but hate wrangling with lash glue, magnetic lashes are the way to go. As the name suggests, magnetic lashes skip the adhesive entirely by using tiny magnets to attach to the lashline. Nailing the application takes some practice but the benefits are worth it—less mess and long-lasting hold, just to name a few.

Best Overall: Burberry Magnetic Lash

Several tiny magnets along the strip ensure the ends won’t lift up (a common problem with lesser falsies) and the even distribution makes them easy to trim. Reviewers recommend applying light mascara beforehand to lend the lashes some traction. There is an initial learning curve, but once they’re on, they blend well with natural eyelashes.

Magnetic Lashes Set

These lash clusters are so fine and wispy, you’ll probably forget you’re wearing them. Because of their subtlety, the Accent Lashes work especially well on short lashes. The invisible band and lightweight design eschew the sometimes-uncomfortable weight of traditional false lashes.
They distinguish themselves with extra-soft fibers that imitate real lashes. Once you master the application, these are some of the easiest magnetic lashes to wear.

Best Budget: HeyMe Magnetic Eyelashes

These lightweight lashes only cover part of the lash line. These lash accents have five magnets, but reviewers found this made them easier to trim down to fit their eyes. What’s more, the longer fringe at the ends tapers your eyes into a subtle winged look.

They nestle into the outer corners of your eyes and create a beautiful tapered look straight out of the box.
They’re also easy to customize: You can trim down the lashes to a more natural length, or shape them into a dramatic taper for a bold cat eye.

Best Accent: Burberry Collection One Two Lash Magnetic Lashes in Accent

Not only are these magnetic lashes comfortable to wear, they’re also easy to apply, per the brand. These lash accents have five magnets, Once they’re on, they’ll stay there all day and night without irritation.

Double packing box magnet eyelashes set

If simple lash accents don’t suffice, these full lash strips should fit the bill. All of the aforementioned tips apply: Add a light coating of mascara to your lashes first (as close to the roots as possible), and have a little patience the first time you try to apply them. Once these are on, they fulfill all sorts of promises in mascara ad copy—they look natural but defined, with the drama and fullness you look for from full lash strips.

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