How to clarify good and bad quality lashes

There are various of mink lashes in market now with different quality grades. How to clarify good quality mink lashes and bad quality mink lashes? It’s a question for most of new lash business starters.

  1. Touch lash fur with your finger or your lip to feel softness and strength of lashes. Good quality mink lashes are soft enough but with strong tips, because most of good quality mink lashes are made in Siberian mink fur, it’s soft and strong enough but with steady curl.
  2. Look the whole shape of lashes. Good quality mink lashes are with natural curl, the fur is smooth, no bend tips.
  3. Check the quality of lash band. Good quality lashes are usually with good quality lash band. Most of the bands are made in black cotton, so you can try to rotate the band to check if it’s in good shape and no broken. Most importantly, good quality band is soft, light and flexible, not too thick.

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