Are magnet eyelashes dangerous?

Nowadays, magnet eyelashes are very popular all over the world because of its easy to wear and use, also the popularity among fashion people. So what are magnet eyelashes? Just like its name, we add 5-6 very small and light magnets to the cotton band of ordinary eyelashes, and then use it with magnetic eyeliner, the eyelashes will be stick to our eyelids very well, so there is no need to use extra eyelash glue any more.

So many people who love beauty will pay attention to whether magnet eyelashes harm our eyes and are they dangerous? We all know that any beauty product has a certain chance of sensitization, but this does not mean that the product is unsafe. The same is true for magnet eyelashes. The raw materials of the eyelashes are sterilized, so the eyelashes are not dangerous.

But we still have to pay attention to the correct use of eyeliner to avoid unnecessary danger. We need to apply eyeliner on the eyelids so that the product will not enter your eyes or block the oil glands of the eyelids.

In addition, after wearing the magnet eyelashes, please use professional makeup remover or cleansing oil to gently wipe the remaining liquid eyeliner on the eyelids, just like we usually remove our ordinary eyeliner, and then clean it with cleanser to avoid residual ingredients.

If you have sensitive skin or have a high risk of allergies or are allergic to magnets, if you encounter discomfort after wearing it, please do not use it again.

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