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The Perfect Fake Lashes For Your Wedding Day

As the warmth befalls on us after the cold winter, wedding season is just around the corner for spring and fall. And while under duress, some if not all brides-to-be are all aiming for a perfect wedding day. The venue, food, photographer, bridesmaids, and guests are all but a few of the stressors that every […]

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New style of 28mm 3d Mink Lashes

Burberry Lashes¬†is a wholesale of mink lashes in China. We have more than 200 styles, including regular length, 20mm length, 22mm length, 25mm length and 28mm length. All the lashes are designed by our team. Today we recommend our new styles, it is 609K, 852L, 70L and 609L. We have sold them to the market, […]

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