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How to do lash custom packaging

As we all know, most of lash business owners want to do lashes with their own custom packaging, print their logo, business name, IG, website, etc. How to do it? We have our own design team, so we can design every box detail as per your request, like box color, box shape, window shape. So […]

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How to start your own brand lash business?

We usually get lash inquiries about “How can I start my own lash business?” or “I want to establish my own lash brand, can you help me?” No matter you are a student or a small business owner, we can always help you to make suitable lash project plan within your budget. Firstly, we need […]

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How to clarify good and bad quality lashes

There are various of mink lashes in market now with different quality grades. How to clarify good quality mink lashes and bad quality mink lashes? It’s a question for most of new lash business starters. Touch lash fur with your finger or your lip to feel softness and strength of lashes. Good quality mink lashes […]

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